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The Worlds Fastest……is electric!!

We all gonna end up like Dinos!

Electric vehicles are the way of the future ….and so on and so forth….bla bla bla

Its nothing to do with the environment from our modified perspective. We are all for the nature. We love nature and would stop what we’re doing in a flash if we would save the whales or something by doing it. Another story for another time and place.

Here is where we are at: We like cars for their cool looks and most importantly we like cars for their handling/performance. Whether it be straight line speed, acceleration or cornering capabilities. Old, New, Young Timer: Make it cooler and faster!

This has always been done by going bigger, laying lower and turbo or supercharging (or both).

We learned to recognize these Mods by the sound they make and connoisseurs can easily differentiate the mods from the unmods by the way they sound. Yes we know! Its kinda ‘geekish’!!

And electrics have only ever been good for garage doors and the milk man.

Then came the computer nerds. No offense – it is meant as a compliment. And put their laptop battery into the milk mans vehicle and Whammo – they are leaving us, the traditional – go bigger- guys, for dead on the strips.

Not by a long shot you say. Which hairdryer is gonna go faster than a top fuel dragster – the pinnacle of petrol speed? That may take a while – but we think it will happen.

Today we are avoiding Tesla cars, because we know they have better low end torque and combined with 4wheel drive, they will probably rip our dinosaur doors off in the first 25-50yards on any given boulevard. That’s what people will see and we will have lost our coolness in the eyes of mainstream.

We still have the upper hand on track and in many other disciplines. For now!

On the bike scene it has already happened.

No petroleum driven Super bike is safe! All because of the LS218! Not only does it hold the speed record for mass production cycles. It left all competition for completely dead in the Pikes Peak hill climb. Not by a few tenths of seconds. Not even close. The LS218 beat the competition by 20 seconds!

We need to join the party or come up with something new.

Some day we will see Restomod Hybrids in the streets. Built by a 14 year old X-Box enthusiast!!