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The Russians Are Coming…

Well ….. using German technology….

It will be a few years before we see Lada or Tata shooting it out against serious competition.
And why is that? Russia has it all – the resources – the labor – even the factories.

Anyway its a cool video and the presenter is stoked about the Golf’s performance! As we are.

Don’t understand they don’t upgrade the brakes, tires and suspension. But hey – that’s just us. We like to handle the extra power!!

And you can never beat a Huracan with a VW Golf! We know – it faster (in a straight line) and all that.

Just look at the Huracan – it is absolutely stunning and you can take it to the track and beat the crap out of it – and then drive home.

There will always be faster modified cars around. And to beat the Huracan – you need more than bigger biceps.