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Stealth Army or Batman?

No – Air Force Challenger – code name: Vapor


Not your regular loud V8 – But will silently creep up on you and it will be too late when you notice it!!!!

Will it show up on a Police radar? – If we tell you – we have to kill you! Ha ha ha 😉


Equipment includes:
– Infrared thermal image camera
– 360-degree surveillance camera
– Built-in dashboard command center which includes three LCD screens
– Stealth exhaust system
– The stealth matte black paint job is the same stuff they use on their stealth planes (absorbs radar),
– Biometric controlled Lambo doors
– Carbon fiber wheels.
– Weapons systems – highly classified

Dodge-Challenger-Vapor-for-US-Air-Force-3 Dodge-Challenger-Vapor-for-US-Air-Force-4Dodge-Challenger-Vapor-for-US-Air-Force-1